1933 - 2000

Guy Robert Writer and Lecturer, Doctorate in aesthetics from the University of Paris, Historian and critic, art expert and professor, adviser in art publishing, Iconia from Montreal

Writer and lecturer

Doctor in aesthetics from the University of Paris

Historian and critic, art expert and professor

Adviser in art publishing. (Les Éditions Iconia).

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Born in Quebec in 1933, Guy ROBERT holds a doctorate in aesthetics from the University of Paris. He is a writer and lecturer, historian and critic, art expert and adviser in art publishing (Iconia).

In 1964 he was the founder in Montreal of the first Museum of contemporary art to be opened in Canada, where he has been professor in many colleges and universities.

He is currently counsellor in acquisition of works of art, mainly in the Quebec domain.

He is the author of more than 87 titles and a thousand articles. He has also contributed to art films and to hundreds of radio or television broadcasts.

He has presented hundreds of lectures, in relation with his books on modern art (Picasso, Dali, Moore, Francis Bacon, the avant-gardes, etc) and on art in Quebec (Pellan, Borduas, Riopelle, etc); or on specific topics in art history or aesthetics such as : the beautiful and the awful, the genuine and the fake, the unfinished, the landscape, the human figure, the bestiaries, eroticism, esotericism, the ukiyo-e, the ritual negro sculpture, the art markets.

He has been honoured with the Grand Literary Prize of Montreal.  His last book "DESPRÉS" awarded 1999 Gutenberg Gold Medal.


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Doctor in aesthetics from the University of Paris


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